Is a savings and loan company different from a commercial bank?

credit union different from commercial bank: commercial banks, savings and loans associations, credit unions, mortgage company, insurance companies, and brokerage firms. seven types of financial institutions: provides a safe, flexible and stable monetary and financial system.

A commercial bank and a savings and loan institution are similar in that they both accept deposits and make loans. Each type of institutions has its own regulator, however, and generally issues loans to different types of lenders.

Credit unions provide many of the same services as banks, but they work on a different. loan terms, low or no fee checking accounts, and savings accounts with decent interest rates. You just may.

Savings and loan association. Jump to navigation Jump to search Part of a series on financial. Federal savings bank; Federal savings association; national bank; State bank; Lending. Credit card; Deposit accounts. Checking; Money-market; Savings; Certificate of deposit;

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Savings and Loan: S&L. A federally or state chartered financial institution that takes deposits from individuals, funds mortgages, and pays dividends.

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Banks and finance companies are both considered financial institutions, but the difference lies in how they are structured and what services.

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